vrs full form

The vrs full form is voluntary retirement scheme. An employee is given the option to voluntarily retire from work prior to his or her scheduled retirement date. Companies will use the scheme to minimize executive strength. Both the public and private sectors should enforce it. ‘Golden Handshake’ is another name for VRS.

V = Voluntary

R = Retirement

S = Scheme

VRS calculation – The employee’s last drawn pay is used to calculate the VRS retirement calculator in India. It considers the base wage, variable and fixed DA, and other factors. The VRS is capped at three months’ pay for each year of service performed. Alternatively, the pension at the time of retirement compounded by the remaining months of service before regular retirement can be calculated. The first Rs. 5 lakh of VRS is tax-free.

VRS full form in Medical – Virchow–Robin spaces (VRS) are fluid-filled spaces surrounded by perforating vessels that are pial lined.

V = Virchow

R = Robin

S = Spaces

VRS Full form in computer – A voice response system (VRS) is a device interface that responds to voice commands rather than mouse or keystroke inputs.

V = Voice

R = Response

S = System

Category = Technology

V = Video

R = Relay

S = Service

Category = Technology

V = Variable

R = Reluctance

S = Sensor

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