COB Full Form

COB Full Form - COB means Close Of Business. Also known as the end of business and the end of the day. It indicates the point in time a business is being…

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OD Full Form

od full form, od full form in school, od full form in Hindi, od full form in finance, od full form in medical, od full form in hr, od full form in chat, od full form in…

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IFC full form

ifc full form, ifc full form india, ifc full form in hindi, ifc full form in banking, miga full form, ifc full form in audit, ifc full form in construction, ifc full form in chat, ifc full…

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STFU full form

stfu full form in hindi, stfu meaning funny, what does stfu and yk mean, stfu urban dictionary, what does stfu and idk mean, stfu lyrics, lol full form, stfu meme.

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TBC full form

tbc full form in medical, tbc full form in hindi, tbc full form in cricket in hindi, tbc full form in banking, tbc full form in finance, tbc full form in chemistry, tbc full form in chat,…

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OYO full form

OYO full form is On Your Own Rooms. It is the largest hotel network in India, which is spread across 199 cities. It is headquartered in Haryana at Gurugram. It…

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Wipro full form

Wipro full form, irmc wipro full form, wipro full form in hindi, wipro ceo, wipro company, wipro founder, wipro wiki, wipro old full form, rmac wipro full form.

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IFCI full form

The IFCI full form is Industrial Finance Corporation of India. I = Industrial F = Finance C = Corporation of I = India In 1948, IFCI Ltd. was established as…

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NCLT full form

nclt full form, nclt full form in hindi, nclt rules, nclt cause list, nclt case status, nclt Mumbai, nclt companies, national company law tribunal pdf.

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AKA full form

aka full form, aka full form in whatsapp, aka full form in medical, aka full form in hindi, aka full form in chat, aka meaning in hindi, aka in a sentence, aka pronunciation. The meaning of aka…

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