TMC full form

The tmc full form is Trinamool Congress. The Trinamool Congress (TMC) is an Indian political party. The All India Trinamool Congress is a political party in India that is mostly active in the state of West Bengal. Mamata Banerjee, the current chief minister of West Bengal, is the party’s leader. It is now the fourth-largest party in the Lok Sabha, with 22 seats, following the 2019 general election. The party has been at the forefront of West Bengal’s anti-communist fight from its inception.

Mamata Banerjee left the Indian National Congress after 26 years and joined the “Trinamool Congress,” which was registered with the Indian Election Commission in mid-December 1997. The Election Commission gave the party an exclusive Jora Ghas Phul symbol. The AITC was recognized as a national political party by the electoral commission on September 2, 2016.

The people of Nandigram were notified by the Haldia Development Authority in December 2006 that a large chunk of Nandigram would be confiscated and 70,000 people would be evacuated from their houses. People began a movement against the land acquisition, which was led by the Trinamool Congress. The Bhumi Uchchhed Pratirodh Committee (BUPC) was established to combat land grabs and evictions. The police opened fire on the locals on March 14, 2007, killing 14 of them. Many more people vanished.

Many reports alleged (and the Central Bureau of Investigation confirmed in its report) that police and armed Communist Party of India (Marxist) cadres fired on protestors in Nandigram[6]. Many intellectuals took to the streets to protest, and this tragedy sparked a new movement. The movement was led by SUCI (C) leader Nanda Patra.

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