Top-Level Domain is the tld full form. The term “top-level” domain (TLD) can be described as the final part of a domain name like .com. This is by far the most well-known element of a domain and indicates the degree of authority for a site.

The icann, the international leading body of internet address registration, regulates TLDs and allocates them according to the help of a set of guidelines. These rules define who are eligible to register for the TLD as well as the types of names are allowed to be registered, and the guidelines for how the organizations manage their registries in order to avoid infringing on the rules.

  • Short, easy-to-remember domain names help you to stand out from the crowd.
  • A TLD can show visitors that your business is credible and genuine.
  • It is cheaper than a trademark.
  • The TLD indicates the type of organization, such as a corporation or government agency, and the country they are based in.
  • Most major countries offer a wide range of TLDs, and some offer custom choices.
  • A top level domain (TLD) is an important part of your online identity that can help you reach your site’s target audience.

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