The full form of Google

The full form of Google is Global Organization of Oriented Group Language of Earth. There’s plenty of controversy about whether Google has a full form or is just a word generated by Google’s founder. Google officially doesn’t have a full form. It is created by the word “googol” meaning a huge number.

Q1. what is the full form of google?

Q2. what’s the full form of google?

Q3. what is the full form of google in english?

Q4. what is the full form of google llc?

Full FormGlobal Organization of Oriented Group Language of Earth.
FormerlyGoogle Inc. (1998–2017)
Type1. Limited liability company
 2. Subsidiary
Industry1. Internet
2. Advertising
3. Cloud computing
4. Computer software
5. Artificial intelligence
6. Computer hardware
Founded4, September 1998 – California, U.S.
Founders1. Larry Page
2. Sergey Brin
Area servedWorldwide
CEO/CFOSundar Pichai (CEO)
Ruth Porat (CFO)
No of employees114,096 (2019)
Parent companyAlphabet Inc. (2015–present)
The full form of google

List of Google products

  1. Google Search – A online search engine, and the main feature of Google. In its 189 regional level domains, it receives over 3.1 billion search queries a day.
  2. Google Patents
  3. Google+ – A Social Networking Service and a core feature of Google. Created by Google in 2006 Ended in April 2019
  4. Google Groups
  5. Google Images
  6. Google Books –
  7. Google Flights
  8. YouTube –
  9. Google Translate
  10. Google Web History
  11. Google Shopping
  12. Google Hotel Finder
  13. Google News –
  14. Google Finance –
  15. Google Custom Search
  16. Google Alerts
  17. Google Scholar –
  18. Google Dataset Search
  19. Google Assistant

Advertising services

  1. Google Ads –
  2. Google Tag Manager –
  3. AdMob
  4. Google Marketing Platform –
  5. Google Ad Grants –
  6. Google AdSense –
  7. Google Marketing Platform

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