SSF Full Form – Special Security Force

Special Security Force is the ssf full form. Special Security Force is responsible for providing internal and external security for the Prime Minister’s office, the President’s office, other high-ranking Government officials and major events.

  1. The Special Security Force was created to protect the president and other high-ranking officials.
  2. They are a part of the United States Department of Homeland Security.
  3. Their duties include protecting top government officials, such as the President and Vice President, from terrorist attacks or other threats.
  4. When they’re not on duty, they live in barracks near Washington D.C., but when there’s an emergency, they can be called back at any time.
  5. They were created after 9/11 to help prevent another attack on U.S soil by terrorists like Al Qaeda and ISIS.
  6. Members of the SSF must pass rigorous physical fitness tests every six months before being allowed to continue their service with this elite force that protects our country’s most important people.

Since nonmilitary services established in 1963, SSF has been an important part of Bangladesh’s security force. SSF Act was enacted in 1996 to provide more legal framework to its activities. With enactment of this act, the functions of Bureau Central de Lutte Anti Terrorisme (BCLA) were placed under SSMCS branch code with HQ at Dhaka. Later both BCLA and SSMCS merged into one organization–the Special Security Force ・ Bangladesh (SSFBBD). 

Newly autonomous agency duly incorporated under special security forces act, 1996 to provide security cover for prime minister, president and other VVIPS of Bangladesh.

In April 2004 SSF was given a constitutional status when its role was included in Article 47 of the Constitution of Bangladesh by the fourth amendment after much deliberation between President Iajuddin Ahmed and Prime Minister Khaleda Zia. The cabinet division accordingly notified it under ministry notice M/oCabinet division dated 8th September 2004.

The primary functions of SSF are:

1) Executive protection service in coordination with local police units in case a dignitary is on a visit to any local area or during elections.

2) Arresting persons entering restricted areas without prior authorization.

3) Providing security coverage at places where the Prime Minister, President and other VVIPs are present.

4) Providing security at Parliament House.

5) Escorting convoys 9of government employees traveling long distances outside Dhaka city.

6) Preventing trespassing of unauthorized persons in restricted areas e.g. airport tarmac, VIP residential or official quarter etc..

7) Preventive measures against hijacking, piracy, terrorist activities etc.

8) Conducting investigations into offenses under special security laws granted to SSF by 2001 Special Security Act.

Special Security Forces have been accused of torture during their custody as well as committing extrajudicial killings. They are also alleged to be involved in crimes including rape and robberies. The unit has even been accused of criminal activity in the recruitment process including giving false hope to applicants and demanding bribes.

A US Department of State cable, published by Wikileaks, depicts Special Security Force members as corrupt.

The cable quotes an unnamed source, who suggests that SSF “is widely known for various types of criminal activities.” The cable adds that when this source was arrested in 2007 during street violence between supporters of two rival political.

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