SP Full Form

Superintendent of police is the sp full form. The Superintendent of Police is a high-ranking officer in charge and trusted with overseeing all police stations. They direct how officers should carry out their duties, set policy for themselves as well as other ranking members or delegates that oversee them such an SP Gorakhpur Range(Superintendent) & CI chief investigator respectively to make sure no criminal activity goes unpunished.

The superintendent has many responsibilities which include being able to take swift action against any deviant behavior within the force after reports have been filed about it by either citizenry at large through public complaints channels like government bodies via filing official law suits whereas also having jurisdiction over its own subordinates much like the military does for its own soldiers under the current state of Galactic Union Regulations.

However like any other profession if you do not perform your duties to the standards expected by your employer (the government) you risk losing your job thus; dismissal from service is possible to incur for even high ranking members within the force should they be found wanting in their duties.

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