so full form

The so full form Station Officer. A Station officer is a supervisory level in a number of Commonwealth and non-Commonwealth fire services, including those in the United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland, and New Zealand.

Sales Order

The vendor generates a Sales Order (SO) to authorize the sale of products/services after receiving the customer’s order.

Superior Oblique

The Superior Oblique (SO) is a fusiform muscle in the extraocular muscle group. It is responsible for controlling eye movements, together with the other extraocular muscles.

Shared Object

In Unix and GNU/Linux,.so is a filename extension for a shared object.

Senior Officer

A senior officer (SO) is a member of a company’s senior management team.

Security Officer

A security officer (SO) is someone who is employed to keep people, property, and assets safe.

System Operator

The System Operator (SO) is in charge of ensuring that power is delivered reliably and that the entire system is secure. SO controls the power grid from a control center with a collection of computer consoles.

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