snp full form

The snp full form is Strategic Network Planning. Companies define their major goods, client markets for these products, fundamental production processes, and raw and intermediate material suppliers during the strategic planning process. Almost every company has to restructure its supply chain from time to time to respond to changing market conditions, but the current wave of mergers and acquisitions, as well as the globalization of the economy, has made this process even more common and vital. For example, a company may want to grow into a new geographical location where there is currently no infrastructure, such as the development of electronics manufacturing companies into East Europe following the adoption of a market economy in those nations. Another corporation could want to integrate the duplicate distribution systems that a merger or acquisition has established. Finally, strategic planning is utilized for both growth and retraction, like when the US Armed Forces produced a strategic plan for base closures linked with the retreat from West Europe.

S = Strategic

N = Network

P = Planning

Single nucleotide polymorphisms

When a single nucleotide (adenine, thymine, cytosine, or guanine) in the genome sequence is altered, and the particular modification is found in at least 1% of the population, it is called a single nucleotide variation. Also known as SNP.

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