SKU full form

The SKU full form is Stock keeping unit. It is a product identification code that identifies a product in a unique way. It aids in the inventory management of a product. The code is sometimes known as a product identification or a product number, but it is most commonly recognized as an SKU number.

S = Stock

K = Keeping

U = Unit

A stock keeping unit is a separate type of item for sale, such as a product or service, and all features connected with the item type distinguish it from other item types in the field of inventory management. description, Manufacturer, material, size, packing, color, and warranty conditions are examples of qualities for a product. When a company takes stock of its inventory, it counts how many of each SKU it has.

Not just for the product, but also for each version of the product, the SKU code must be unique. For example, similar laptops must have the same model number, but their SKUs will differ based on color, distribution channel, and production unit. As a result, the SKU gives precise information about a product that distinguishes it from comparable variants. SKU is also used by retail stores to identify the product, price, and manufacturer of the merchandise.

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