SI full form

The si full form is sub-inspector. It is a rank in the Indian police service. A SI is a police officer who is in charge of a police station and ranks higher than an Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI). A SI’s rank insignia consists of two stars and a red and blue striped ribbon at the shoulder straps’ outer end.

A SI is responsible for the administration of the police station to which he or she is assigned, as well as the upkeep of peace and order in his area. Both Indian police and state legislation define the responsibilities of a SI.

A sub-inspector is a lower-ranking police officer who has the authority to file a charge sheet in court and frequently serves as the initial investigator. SI has the authority to investigate all cases that fall under his police station’s jurisdiction. However, he is unable to investigate matters assigned to senior officers such as DSP or CID. He serves as a link between the higher-ranking cops and the lower-ranking cops.

How to Become a Police Sub Inspector

The applicant must have graduated from an Indian university or educational board. Graduate candidates must sit for and pass the Staff Selection Commission’s SI examination.

Candidates must first pass the Physical Endurance Test before being eligible for the written exam. After passing the written exam, they must attend an interview and undergo a medical examination.

When a S.I is assigned to the position of Office-in-Charge, he or she has the following powers:

  • To disperse any unauthorized gathering of five or more people that could cause a public disturbance.
  • To make an arrest under sections 41 and 42 of the Criminal Code. P.C.
  • Without a Magistrate’s order, to investigate any cognizable offence and to arrest a person who is implicated in a cognizable crime under Sections 154, 156, 41 (1a) Cr. P.C.)
  • Use section 165 of the Criminal Code to search any property or home during an investigation into a cognizable offense. P.C.
  • Under Sections 149 and 151 of the Criminal Code, the power to prevent the execution of any cognizable offence and to arrest anyone involved is granted. P.C.

When serving as Officer-in-Charge of a Police Station, a S.I.’s responsibilities include:

  • To guarantee that his or her subordinates are functioning and being managed effectively.
  • Maintaining the peace and preventing and detecting criminal activity
  • To keep track of the records and registrations at the police station under his command.
  • To gather and disseminate information on all issues concerning public welfare.

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