sdr full form

The sdr full form Special Drawing Rights (SDR). In the year 1969, Special Drawing Rights (SDR) were created. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) created a monetary reserve currency that is used all over the world. It acts as a replacement for the IMF’s current money reserves.

It was created in response to questions about gold and dollars’ shortcomings as the only way of resolving foreign accounts. By enhancing the standard reserve currencies, the SDRs contribute to global liquidity expansion.

S = Special

D = Drawing

R = Rights

SDR full form in sales – A sales development reps (SDR) is an inside sales representative who is solely responsible for outbound prospecting.

S = Sales 

D = Development 

R = Representative

SDR full form in Telecom – A Software Defined Radio (SDR) is a radio that allows software to manipulate radio system features like modulation form, frequency and transmit power. This enables the use of several radio protocols in a single terminal.

SDR full form in Plumbing – A pipe’s toughness against pressure is measured using the standard dimension ratio (SDR). The normal dimension ratio is a formula that defines the relationship between pipe diameter and pipe wall thickness.


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