SDO full form

The sdo full form is Sub Divisional Officer. The Chief Civil Officer of the Sub-Division is the Sub-Divisional Officer (Civil). In actuality, he is the sub-little division’s deputy commissioner. He has adequate authority to oversee the sub-activities. division’s He has direct authority over the Tehsildars and their staff. On routine topics, he can communicate directly with the government and other ministries. His principal responsibilities, like those of the Deputy Commissioner, are revenue, executive, and judicial tasks. In terms of revenue, he is an Assistant Collector of the First Class, although under specific Acts, the Collector’s powers have been delegated to him.

A Sub-Divisional Officer’s duties and responsibilities in relation to revenue, magisterial, executive, and development concerns are equivalent to those of a Deputy Commissioner within his jurisdiction. His revenue responsibilities include overseeing and inspecting all aspects of land revenue collection, from valuation to collection; and coordinating the work of all sub-division officers, particularly the revenue, agriculture, animal husbandry, and public health departments.

His magisterial responsibilities include liaison and coordination with the subdivision’s police; monitoring the relationship between different communities and classes; special precautions and actions in emergencies, particularly those involving festivals; and recommending the grant of an arms license to the District Magistrate when he is not competent. Under the Code of Criminal Procedure, Punjab Police Rules, and other legislation, he has sufficient authority to effectively supervise the law and order situation in his jurisdiction.

In his executive function, he has the authority to requisition any records and registers connected to the infraction from the police station, as well as summon the station house officer to come to him and explain the situation. He has the power to compel anti-social elements to behave peacefully for a length of time. He maintains a deeper relationship with the general public as well as with local governments and market committees. He also contributes significantly to rural development initiatives.

For seamless administration and successful implementation of development plans, they require the cooperation and assistance of other government authorities in the subdivision. They are, however, compelled to submit critical policy matters through the Deputy Commissioner. He is usually appointed as the Returning Officer for the constituency/constituencies within his jurisdiction for elections to the Legislative Assembly. He is usually appointed as an Assistant Returning Officer for Lok Sabha constituency elections.

S = Sub

D = Divisional

O = Officer

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