SDM Full Form

Sub-Divisional Magistrate is sdm full form. A sub-divisional magistrate is responsible for the execution of government schemes and policies at a local level. He or she performs duties such as overseeing the implementation of land reforms, water supply projects, welfare programs like rural employment guarantee scheme (MGNREGS) in his jurisdiction.
A Sub-Divisional Magistrate is responsible for executing government plans and strategies on the ground to ensure people are benefitting from them by providing necessary guidance during its planning phase before taking off successfully; monitoring their progress while they’re being executed; identifying problems if any arising out of it that needs immediate attention through discussion with those involved in carrying forward work whose role can be enhanced further to achieve greater success rate ; ensuring corrective actions taken so that failure doesn’t occur.

  1. A Sub-Divisional Magistrate is a person who administers justice in India.
  2. The position of Sub-Divisional Magistrate was established by the Government of India to provide speedy and less expensive justice.
  3. In order to qualify for this position, one must have completed a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent from any recognized university.
  4. Requirements include being an Indian citizen, at least 21 years old with no criminal record, and not been convicted under Prevention of Corruption Act 1988 or Securities Exchange Board of India Act 1992.
  5. One can get more information on qualifications here
  6. Applications are accepted until July 31st every year.

Definition of Sub-Divisional Magistrate

A sub-divisional magistrate, also known as SDM or subdivisional officer (official) is an Indian Administrative Service officer who serves in a district and is responsible for the revenue collection of property tax. The Sub Divisional Magistrate’s duties include maintaining peace and order, promoting welfare schemes such as rural development projects like micro-irrigation systems for water conservation programs, village roads, etc., enforcing prohibition laws on the sale of liquor to minors under section 31(A)(1), maintenance of public health by controlling epidemic diseases including vector-borne diseases at times through mass vaccination drives during outbreaks. They are involved with data management from the implementation stages while planning new initiatives/projects.

Duties and responsibilities of a Sub-Divisional Magistrate

Duties and responsibilities of a Sub-Divisional Magistrate include keeping the peace, preventing crime, apprehending criminals in order to enforce laws as well as for settling disputes. Additionally, they maintain jails for holding people before trial or until their sentences are completed. The office is responsible for giving information on prisoners held by other officers so that relatives can visit them during holidays such as Independence Day and Republic day when prison offices remain closed.

The duties and responsibilities of a Sub Divisional Magistrate include keeping the peace, prevent crimes from happening all while enforcing local laws. They also have jail duties which allow them to preventively hold suspects till trail after producing evidence proving that there is guilt thus allowing fair trials.

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