roc full form

The roc full form is Registrars of Companies. Registrars of Companies (ROCs) appointed under Section 609 of the Companies Act for the various States and Union Territories have the primary responsibility of registering companies and LLPs that have been formed in their respective states and Union Territories, as well as ensuring that they comply with the Act’s statutory requirements. These offices serve as registries of records connected to the firms that have registered with them, which are open to the public for view for a fee. The Regional Directors are the conduits through which the Central Government exercises administrative control over these offices.

R = Registrars

O = Of

C = Companies 

The ROCs also make sure that LLPs follow the Companies Act’s statutory obligations. The ROC’s office keeps a registry of records relating to companies that have registered with them, and it allows the general public to view this information for a fee. Regional Directors are used by the Union Government to retain administrative control over ROCs. There are seven Regional Directors who are responsible for overseeing the operation of ROCs in their respective regions.

The Registrar of Companies is responsible for company registration (also known as incorporation) in India, as well as the reporting and regulation of companies, their directors, and shareholders. The Registrar of Companies also oversees government reporting of various matters, such as the annual filling of various documents.

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