QA Automation Full Form

The qa automation full form is quality assurance¬†automation. The need for a well-designed quality assurance automation system became very apparent when the company’s products began facing problems.

The software is designed to help find errors before they have an impact, so you can stop worrying about your reputation and get back to doing what matters most!

The use of advanced artificial intelligence in our product has made us one step ahead from other companies by being able not only spot issues but also preserve customer intimacy while preventing potential mishaps or lost revenue due accidents during production processes.

From those times, our testing system was a complete failure. The testing department needed a big change to save the reputation of the company and its products, as well as regain customers trust again. Our company’s management put me in charge of this project. I had no experience with software development myself, but I knew that if we wanted to achieve success, we had to do something big.

After some research and discussion with the CTO of the company who was on leave for a month or so, we came across a platform called Test IO which seemed to be promising and very affordable as well. We found it after we realized that we couldn’t afford expensive QA tools such as test IO’s competitors like the ones from HP.


It lets us do efficient functional and regression testing of our products’ user interface and web services and also automate non-functional tests such as performance and security testing. It lets us collect data from all sources, including screenshots generated by our applications under test, for later review.

Before Test IO came to us, we were only able to do functional and regression testing of user interface and web services through manual testing. We couldn’t afford performance or security testing as those tools were either too expensive or didn’t fit our development environment due to all their requirements.

We were also limited to reviewing test results by looking at screenshots and logs separately, which is quite a tiresome process especially when dealing with hundreds of tests that need to be reviewed each day. It was also challenging to define the workflow of our testing efforts because we couldn’t easily follow-up on incomplete tasks or distribute them across several testers.

“Before finding out about Test IO, I was almost thinking of asking for additional funds from our CFO to be able to afford an expensive QA tool like HP’s ones.

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