PWC full form

The pwc full form is Price Waterhouse Coopers. In 1998, Pricewaterhouse and Coopers & Lybrand merged to establish PwC. Price, Waterhouse & Co. was founded in 1874 when Price, Holyland, and Waterhouse formed a partnership to become Price, Waterhouse & Co.

P = Price

W = Waterhouse

C = Coopers

One of the early founders, Samuel Lowell Price, has the surname Price. Samuel Lowell Price began his accounting career in London, England. William Cooper’s last name was Coopers in Coopers and Lybrand. In 1854, William Cooper established his accounting firm in London. Cooper Brothers were formed in 1861.

Lybrand was named after William Lybrand, a business partner of Robert Montgomery and Adam Ross Jr. Lybrand, Ross Brothers & Montgomery was founded in 1898 by T. Edward Ross.

Cooper Brothers & Co and Lybrand, Ross Brothers & Montgomery combined in 1957 to establish Coopers & Lybrand. PwC’s headquarters are at 300 Madison Avenue in New York.

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