psi full form

psi full form – PSI is a unit of pressure or of stress-dependent on avoirdupois units. It is the weight coming about because of the power of one pound-power applied to an area of one square inch.

Unit of Pressure – Pound-force per square inch.

P = Pound per

S = Square

I = Inch

Populace Services International PSI is a worldwide wellbeing association committed to improving the strength of individuals in the creating scene by concentrating on genuine difficulties like an absence of family arranging, HIV/AIDS, hindrances to maternal wellbeing, and the best dangers to youngsters under five, including jungle fever, looseness of the bowels, pneumonia and lack of healthy sustenance.

P = Population

S = Services

I = International

Other psi full form

Category – Military and Defence


P = Proliferation

S = Security

I = Initiative


P = Personnel

S = Security

I = Investigation

Category – Insurance


P = Principles for

S = Sustainable

I = Insurance

Category – Space Science


P = Power

S = Static

I = Inverter

Category – Indian police


P = Police

S = Sub

I = Inspector

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