PPC full form

The PPC full form is Pay-per-click. PPC is an internet advertising technique in which an advertiser pays a publisher each time a link in an advertisement is “clicked.” The cost-per-click (CPC) model is another name for PPC. Search engines (such as Google) and social media networks are the most common providers of the pay-per-click model. The most prominent PPC advertising platforms are Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and Twitter Ads.

P = Pay

P = Per

C = Click

Keywords are at the heart of the pay-per-click model. Online advertising (also known as sponsored links) appears in search engines only when someone searches for a keyword relating to the product or service being marketed. Companies that use pay-per-click advertising models must therefore research and analyze the keywords that are most relevant to their products or services. Investing in suitable keywords can result in more clicks and, ultimately, better revenues.

Both marketers and publications are said to benefit from the PPC approach. The strategy is beneficial to advertisers because it allows them to advertise products or services to a specific audience that is actively looking for similar content. Furthermore, because the value of each visit (click) from a potential customer exceeds the cost of the click paid to a publisher, a well-designed PPC advertising campaign allows an advertiser to save a significant amount of money.

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