PGDCA full form

The PGDCA full form is Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications. PGDCA is a one-year professional computer application course that teaches computer application and computer science.

P = Post

G = Graduate

D = Diploma in

C = Computer

A = Applications

Benefits of PGDCA

The Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application is a unique curriculum designed for people who desire to pursue a career in the information technology business. Students enrolling in the course have a variety of employment options, including web designer, web developer, computer language programmer, ethical hacker, computer programmer, software developer and others.

Types of PGDCA

The PGDCA program is offered in both normal and distance formats, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Students can enroll in a distance learning PGDCA course at their home or a nearby location where a center is established. On the other hand, there is a regular PGDCA course that is offered once a week in a traditional classroom setting. As a result, applicants must interact with instructors and peers more regularly; in addition, the quality of teachers in regular classrooms has improved, and there is greater vitality in the classroom. Classes for distance learning can be more relaxed.The one-year course is usually finished in three years, but IGNOU allows for a four-year maximum.

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