PG Full Form

Paying Guest is the pg full form. PG stands for Paying Guest. It refers to a person who lives in another’s home and pays the stay, food, laundry and other facilities provided by their host.

Paying guests have been around since ancient times when travelers would stop at an inn on their journey; they were able use these buildings as temporary shelters while waiting out bad weather or just taking rest after long journeys before continuing onto next destination With this system still popular today many people take advantage of traveling solo so if you’re looking forward going away somewhere unfamiliar but don’t know anyone there then consider renting one without having any worries about accommodation expenses and any other problems you might face.

Today we will tell you about a site called PG Panchayat which provides its users with an authentic and verified list of PGs from all across the country so for those interested in finding a paying guest can find accurate information from here. If this is what you are looking for then let’s go to the next step which is about how PG Panchayat works.

How it works?

On this website, you have two options – if you’re a host then just login through your Facebook account and fill out your information including name, phone number, email etc., after filling out this form, publish it and wait until someone contacts you because at present time there’s no PG Panchayat application for Android or iOS.

For the guests, it’s quite simple – you just need to fill out your information in the search box provided by this site and then wait until someone contacts you whether it be through phone call, Whatsapp etc. If interested in finding a paying guest near them then they can use services which are offered by Facebook groups so if you’re an active member of any group with many members who are also searching for PG’s chances are that one will find what he is looking for.

Cautions to consider

When contacting someone about renting their place it’s important to prepare all necessary documents like identity card, proof of current residence etc., landlords would rather not take any risks with strangers because there are many incidents reported where people abuse their hospitality.

If everything goes well then both parties should meet at the place and verify the actual situation of that house or flat to ensure that they will get what they really promised.

Once you’re sure about everything, both host and guest should go through a contract beforehand so that they both have a paper of what’s been agreed on.

In conclusion, finding a paying guest is easy but it might be hard to find reliable one so if you want to avoid any problems then do careful research before making a choice and the most important thing – always work with an agency.

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