CCTV Full Form

CCTV Full Form: Closed Circuit Television Advantages of CCTV CCTV systems are excellent deterrent to thieves. He’ll prefer to go somewhere else, After a thief realize that he is under surveillance of CCTV.  It reduces the fear of crime. It facilitates remote monitoring. It increases the business efficiency and enhances profitability. It can be Utilized … Read more

EIB full form

EIB full form EIB FULL FORM ( Construction – CATEGORY) E = European I = Installation B = Bus EIB FULL FORM ( Banking – CATEGORY) E = Export I = Import B = Bank EIB FULL FORM ( Misc – CATEGORY) E = European I = Investment B = Bank EIB FULL FORM ( … Read more


Sound Navigation and Ranging is the sonar full form. SONAR, also known as active sonar is a technique in which sound waves are emitted and then reflected back at an object to determine the distance between it. The time for the echo to return indicates how far away that object is from where we’re standing; … Read more

MMTC Full Form

1. MMTC FULL FORM – MMTC Ltd ( NSE Company Symbol – CATEGORY) Minerals and Metals Trading Corporation is the mmtc full form. One of the top two foreign-exchange earners for India and India’s largest trading body in the public sector. It handle the export of agro-industrial goods and primary products like coal, iron ore. Minerals and Metals Trading Corporation is a world leader in the trading of copper, nickel, aluminum products. … Read more

Gmail Full Form

Gmail full form is Google Mail. Google Mail is an email service provided by the internet company Google. It provides users with access to Gmail, a free e-mail account which can store up to 15 GB of information and has calendar and contact management systems as well. Users receive notifications for new emails at their … Read more

il&fs Full Form

il&fs Full Form is Infrastructure Leasing & Financial Services Limited. IL&FS provides infrastructure financing, advisory services and project implementation. They are involved in sectors such as power transmission & distribution, roads construction & rural infrastructural development projects through their subsidiaries an associates companies who have executed the business of over 1 billion USD worth finance-cum-investment … Read more

MC full form

Master of Ceremonies is the MC full form. A Master of Ceremonies is the host and keynote speaker. The MC has a lot on their plate, ensuring everything goes smoothly during an event; from booking speakers to preparing welcome speeches for guests before dinner starts. They introduce all the performers and give out awards too! … Read more

Full Form NCERT

Full Form NCERT is National Council of Educational Research and Training. The National Council of Education Research and Training (NCERT) is an Indian organization under the Union Ministry of Human Resource Development. It was established in 1961 with a main aim to develop curriculum for school education from Class I-XII, conduct national surveys and research … Read more

Full Form MBA

The Full Form MBA is Masters Of Business Administration. These programs can be found at colleges and universities all over the world, but they have a very heavy focus on business-related courses. They are typically designed to help prepare students from various backgrounds or degrees in different fields for careers within an organization as management … Read more

Full Form KYC

Full Form KYC is Know Your Customer. Know your customer or KYC is a process that financial institutions and companies follow to identify their customers. It involves three steps – identifying the client, verifying their identity using government-issued documents such as id proofs and address proof etc., keeping records of all activities for future reference. … Read more