TLC Full Form

┬áTotal Leukocyte Count is the tlc full form. The total leukocyte count is the average number of white blood cells in your body. This measure can be used to determine how well you’re doing on treatments for cancer, infections or other illnesses that affect this system-wide indicator known as “the immune response.” The total leukocyte … Read more

ddc full form

Data distribution centers is the ddc full form. Data distribution centers are a type of centralized computing data management system that serve a specific geographic area. They generally serve a narrow industry or purpose, such as oil and gas exploration or medical imaging processing, with some regions relying on more than one center to serve … Read more

CCE Full Form

Continuous and comprehensive Evaluation is the cce full form. Central Board of Secondary Education’s Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation is an education system that grades every aspect of the child from their early years. CCE will employ remedial measures to help with learning performance enhancement, so it is essential for all students in India starting at … Read more

RCB Full Form

Royal Challengers Bangalore is the rcb full form. The team is captained by Virat Kohli and coached by Daniel Vettori. Representing the city of Bangalore, it is one of the original eight teams of the league. Royal Challengers Bangalore is an Indian Premier League cricket team. They are the most successful IPL team in terms … Read more

PDF Full Form

Portable Document Format is the pdf full form. Portable Document Format (PDF) is a common format used for storing and transmitting documents. It was created in 1996 by Adobe Systems to address two major problems: compatibility with existing document management systems, such as Corel draw X5. The need for an open standard that could be … Read more

SOP Full Form

Standard operating procedure is the sop full form. The SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for any organization is what it considers to be its most important, core processes or procedures. Any particular SOP can vary depending on the industry, but they are usually the same in large companies. The name Standard Operating Procedure was originally invented … Read more