API Full Form

API stands for Application Programming Interface. An API is a set of rules, protocols, and tools for building software applications. Essentially, an API acts as an intermediary between two applications to communicate with one another; in other words, the API dictates how software components should interact. APIs are fundamental in modern software development. They enable … Read more

UPSC full form

UPSC Full Form is Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) is a national agency that administers major recruitment examinations to select individuals for top central government posts. Every year, thousands of aspirants take these tests in an effort to secure their place in the workforce. The mains exam consists of three phases – prelims, mains, and … Read more

PCI Full Form

Pharmacy Council of India is the pci full form. PCI, a statutory agency established under the Pharmacy Act of 1948, regulates pharmacists up to the graduate level in India. The Pharmacy Council of India (PCI) is an autonomous statutory agency under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare of the Indian government. Because pharmacy education … Read more

Computer Full Form

Computer full form, Computer is an electronic device that operates through the use of semiconductors, transistors, and IC (integrated circuit)’s. The purpose of a computer is to store, retrieve, and process information.  C = Common O = Operating M = Machine P = Purposely U = Used for T = Technological and E = Educational … Read more

Nezuko Full Demon Form

Nezuko full demon form, This is a story of a girl who had to face the trials of becoming a full demon. Nezuko was born to the human world with no knowledge of her true identity. She was raised by her mother, who died when she was just six years old. Her father, who had … Read more

EWS Full Form

English Writing System is the ews full form. EWS stands for English Writing System. It is a writing system that has been developed to be used in non-native English speaking countries. The EWS Full Form is designed to meet the needs of people who are not native speakers of English. The goal of this writing … Read more

PhD Full Form

Doctor of Philosophy is the phd full form. The PhD Full Form, in reality, stands for Doctor of Philosophy in many countries including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and India. A Ph.D., or Doctor of Philosophy, is the highest academic degree in most fields. It is typically a research-based degree that requires students to … Read more

CTC Full Form

The ctc full form is the abbreviation for “cost per thousand”. It is a common metric in advertising, and it refers to the amount of money paid by advertisers for every thousand people who see their ads. It is the unit used to measure the cost of advertising on a per thousand impressions basis. The … Read more


“In the same place” is the ibid full form. The full form of ibid. is ibidem (in the same place), meaning it’s the same source. The abbreviation is commonly used in referencing sources in bibliographies, footnotes, endnotes, or scholarly references.