pdc full form

Post dated checks is the pdc full form. Post dated checks are a type of cheque that has an additional date written on them, which is after the original date. This means it could be cashed at any time before this future time comes around even if you wrote your name down correctly when signing … Read more

GM Full Form

General Manager is the gm full form. A manager that is in charge of a company. General managers usually oversee all aspects of the company’s business and operations, and typically work at the highest level within an organization. They also report to executives above him or her and provides input on strategic planning. They are … Read more

wwww full form

World Wide Web Worm is the wwww full form. World Wide Web Worm was a revolutionary search engine for the World Wide Web developed in Colorado. World wide webworm revolutionized how people found information on their computer screens, at one point it even outranked Google as top dog when searching sites solely through this software. … Read more

TMT Full Form

Thermo mechanical treatment is the tmt full form. Thermo mechanical treatment is a process of heating an object or material to change its thermal properties. The most common example would be the expansion joint in your car’s suspension, which requires regular maintenance so that they don’t crack under pressure from driving over bumps on roads. … Read more

SSF Full Form

Special Security Force is the ssf full form. Special Security Force is responsible for providing internal and external security for the Prime Minister’s office, the President’s office, other high-ranking Government officials and major events. The Special Security Force was created to protect the president and other high-ranking officials. They are a part of the United … Read more

com full form

COMMERCIAL is the com full form. The Internet’s Domain Name System is the main way that people and companies can find their website, by typing in a domain name like “example.com.” The Full form of COM is COMMERCIAL- it’s an example of one such top level generic domains on this system used for search engine … Read more

UTR Full Form

Unique Transaction Reference number is the utr full form. A UTR or Unique Transaction Reference number is a reference number for identifying an NEFT, IMPS or RTGS transaction. Every NEFT/IMPS transaction on the NEFT/IMPS systems will have a UTR. Identification of all transactions with a particular UTR number would require that all previous and subsequent transaction details … Read more

TLC Full Form

 Total Leukocyte Count is the tlc full form. The total leukocyte count is the average number of white blood cells in your body. This measure can be used to determine how well you’re doing on treatments for cancer, infections or other illnesses that affect this system-wide indicator known as “the immune response.” The total leukocyte … Read more

ddc full form

Data distribution centers is the ddc full form. Data distribution centers are a type of centralized computing data management system that serve a specific geographic area. They generally serve a narrow industry or purpose, such as oil and gas exploration or medical imaging processing, with some regions relying on more than one center to serve … Read more