nvm full form

The nvm full form is never mind. The acronym NVM stands for “never mind.” It’s a hashtag that’s often used. Since the first online chat rooms, NVM has been in use. People needed to type easily and effectively, so it was widely used. Since certain messaging channels, such as SMS, have character caps, longer sentences had to be abbreviated.

NV = Never

M = Mind

The most popular use of NVM is to request that someone ignore the last message you received. This also occurs when you ask for assistance. Assume you’re struggling to solve a complex math problem and need assistance. Let’s pretend you’ve figured out how to fix the dilemma on your own. When you text “nvm” to the person you asked for assistance, you’re telling her she should disregard your previous post.

  1. don’t bother
  2. don’t concern yourself
  3. drop it
  4. ignore it
  5. it doesn’t matter
  6. it’s all right
  7. let it go
  8. nothing
  9. Stop

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