NOC full form

The noc full form is the No Objection Certificate. It’s a type of legal certificate or document provided by a government agency, institution, or institute to state that they have no objections to the information contained in the document.

N = No

O = Objection

C = Certificate

This certification is required by most government agencies. It can be used in a lawsuit, employment or trade. It can also be used in court to support or against. It includes the information of all parties and is addressed to everyone.

Let’s take an example to illustrate it:

A person living in DELHI purchased a car that was registered in Punjab. The seller must obtain a NOC (National Transportation Officer) from Punjab and give it to the DELHI buyer. The NOC usually states that the vehicle is clean of any criminal offenses in Punjab and that there has been no hypothecation. This document must be presented by the buyer at the time of vehicle registration in DELHI.

All Indian nationals who reside or work in Nepal must obtain a NOC prior to flying to any country from Nepal. Below is the requirement to provide the NOC from the Consular Wing.

  1. The Original Passport and original Indian Registration Certificate should be brought personally to the Embassy along with photocopies of the same.
  2. Original ticket and valid visa
  3. Two passport-sized photographs
  4. Consular fees of NPR 1000/- for issuing the NOC

The Embassy issues the NOC only to Indians who are in Nepal, working or staying there and have been registered as Indian citizens with the Embassy. The Embassy should be contacted at least two days before they depart for the third country.

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