NIA Full Form

National Investigation Agency is the nia full form. The National Investigation Agency (NIA) is the central agency in India for investigating terrorist activities and preparing charge sheets against terrorists. The NDA Government set up this premier investigation body in 2009 with an aim to combat terrorism, espionage as well as subversion from across the borders(National Investigation Agency).

The National Investigations Authority, or simply called NIA which was established by an act of Indian parliament on 31st December 2008 has its headquarters located in New Delhi under the Ministry of Home Affairs. (About Us- About us: Mission & Vision). Its main goal is to investigate terror-related cases throughout India and counter spying operations being conducted by anti-national elements including countries like Pakistan especially ISI operating inside India.

  1. National Investigation Agency was established in 2009
  2. NIA is a specialised national investigative agency to investigate terrorism and related crimes
  3. The head of the organisation is appointed by the central government on advice from the Prime Minister
  4. The headquarters of NIA are located at New Delhi, India
    4a) It has regional offices in Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai
    4b) It also has liaison officers in various countries like USA, UK, France etc
  5. Some major terrorist cases investigated by NIA include Hyderabad bomb blast case (2013), Indian Mujahideen (2008), 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks (2008-2009) and Malegaon blasts case (2006).

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