Nasdaq Full Form

The nasdaq full form is National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations. The Nasdaq Stock Market, considered one of the most innovative companies in America. The NASDAQ stock market was established during a time when technology stocks were breaking records left and right! This exchange only deals with Ideas that have been formulated by private entities for public investment – making it sound all too enticing as well as risky at once just like any other IPO’s out there today.

N = National

A = Association of

S = Securities

D = Dealers

A = Automated

Q = Quotations

The Nasdaq is an American stock exchange that was formed in 2000. It has become very popular because there are many ways you can trade stocks on it, like buying them at one price and then selling for more later if your company does well or less when things go wrong with business practices; some people even set up accounts where they collect dividends from companies who have payed out money into the account every month as long as those stocks remained above a minimum amount throughout all times.

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