nasdaq full form

The nasdaq full form is National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations. After the New York Stock Exchange, the Nasdaq is the world’s second-largest stock and derivatives exchange (NYSE). All of the transactions are conducted electronically through dealers rather than in person between traders. Nasdaq, in general, draws more technology and growth-oriented companies than most markets.

N = National

A = Association of

S = Securities

D = Dealers

A = Automated

Q = Quotations

Nasdaq companies / Nasdaq 100 companies – More than 3,300 company listings.

For example:

  1. American Airlines Group Inc
  2. Apple Inc
  3. Acasti Pharma Inc
  4. Advaxis Inc
  5. Applied Materials Inc
  6. Advanced Micro Devices Inc
  7. APA Corporation
  8. Aphria Inc
  9. Atossa Therapeutics Inc
  10. AstraZeneca PLC

What is Nasdaq 100 ?

The Nasdaq 100 Index is a collection of the 100 biggest and most actively traded firms in the United States that are listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange. Except for the banking sector, which includes commercial and investment banks, the index includes firms from a variety of sectors. Retail, biotechnology, industrial, telecommunications, health care, and other non-financial industries are among them.


Both the Dow and the Nasdaq are words that apply to an index, or an aggregation of a large number of numbers obtained from stock price fluctuations. Many of the firms that trade on the Nasdaq are listed on the Nasdaq. The majority of the businesses are connected to technology and the internet, but there are also banking, consumer, biotech, and industrial businesses. More than 3,300 securities are tracked by the Nasdaq. The DJIA is mostly made up of New York Stock Exchange firms, with a few Nasdaq-listed stocks such as Intel (INTC), Apple (AAPL), Cisco (CSCO), and Microsoft.

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