mns full form

Military Nursing Service is the mns full form. The Indian Army has a new, exciting opportunity for those who want to serve their country and continue the fight against terrorism. The Military Nursing Service (MNS) is an officer position in charge of caring for injured soldiers on battlefields all over India; this means you’ll be treating people from different backgrounds with diverse needs every day.

The commissioning process takes place after successful completion at Officer’s Training Academy – Sitana where candidates must show excellence not only academically but physically as well through sports like boxing or football which helps them develop leadership skills essential during stressful times.

They’ll also hone their abilities in psychology, management and hospital administration by studying subjects like psychiatry, epidemiology and social medicine. After the grueling training period, they will be assigned to one of the six Military Nursing Service Regimental Centers in any part of the country.

The MNS also accepts recruits with a 2-year diploma in general nursing and midwifery who will go through an 18-month probation period before being fully commissioned. The recruitment process for these positions is done online but requires physical fitness, academic excellence and citizenship of India.

The army medical corps also holds the position of Para Medical officers which are recruited through civil medical colleges after completion of MBBS degree and serve for two years during Commissioning Course at Officers Training Academy (OTA), Chennai. These para-medical officers get paid around Rs 38k per month . They can upgrade themselves to become an Army Medical Officer by taking admission into the Armed Forces Medical College (AFMC), Pune or they can opt for postgraduation courses after service.

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