MMTC Full Form

1. MMTC FULL FORM – MMTC Ltd ( NSE Company Symbol – CATEGORY)

Minerals and Metals Trading Corporation is the mmtc full form. One of the top two foreign-exchange earners for India and India’s largest trading body in the public sector. It handle the export of agro-industrial goods and primary products like coal, iron ore.

Minerals and Metals Trading Corporation is a world leader in the trading of copper, nickel, aluminum products. They specialize in providing all grades and forms to their clients including cathode nuggets (raw material) for processing into value-added end products like wire rod or electrodes by smelters around the globe.

Minerals and Metals Trading corporation specializes in specific metals such as Copper Cathodes Nuggests which are raw materials used to make wire rods etc., it also provides Aluminum Alloys with Nickel Coatsings . It has been successful enough that they can be considered “world leaders”.

M = Metals and

M = Minerals

T = Trading

C = Corporation of India

What is Minerals and Metals Trading Corporation?

Minerals and Metals Trading Corporation is a metals trading company that was founded in 1960. It trades in steel, aluminum, copper, nickel, lead, zinc and other commodities.

They are an integrated global producer of primary metal products which are then made into secondary metal products for customers around the world. They mainly trade with producers or distributors of ferrous or non-ferrous scrap and semi-finished goods as well as companies that replace raw material inputs on their assembly lines.
Their approximate market share is about 10%.
MMTC’s main product groups include ferrous (iron and steel), non-ferrous (copper alloy) and precious metals (silver). Primary operations comprise smelting; refining; thermal.

Why should you invest in MMTC?

MMTC is a good stock for someone who wants exposure to the global and Indian business process market, and it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea for someone investing some money in stocks. You just have to keep your head up and understand that some stocks might lose some value before they increase. The Company’s productization strategy of adding new BPOs will help ensure its steady growth.
MMTC typically has low volatility so it would be a good trade for people who are new to trading on the markets or don’t want to take many risks with their trades. It’s also one of the few companies still listed on NYSE which also owns India’s National Stock Exchange (NSE). Along with an impressive line of customers.

The benefits of investing with MMTC

Investing through MMTC is one of the most common methods to generate higher returns. This is because money invested with MMTC organization had two principles in mind
Tougher investment regulation.
It implies all customers are dealt with equally unlike other companies who charge different prices for people based on their social status
Creation of self-sustaining enterprises,
resultant in healthy cash flow which can be used to grow the investments
The Organization encourages participation from municipalities, municipalities, counties and non-profit organizations as equity participants in cooperatives. The Coops are often owned by family farmers or rural residents who cannot afford formal equity ownership but still want to invest directly into community economic development projects that promote

How to invest with MMTC?

Investing in equities with MMTC can be done through Mutual Funds. MMTC offers a range of several equity funds. Some examples are
Fund Name
Financial Planning Fund,
MMT Tax Savings Fund-Option A scheme, etc. They also offer schemes that invests in bonds and gold investment scheme .
Apart from that they provide life insurance plans for all its investors which is the best thing about their scheme after investing your hard earned money into it you don’t have to worry about anything else because they will take care of your investments by providing you with regular returns on time no matter what the market conditions are like . Probably one of the best things.

How does MMTC invest in stocks?

MMTC invests in equity stocks through a fund it has set up, the Mutual Fund for the Public. The investments of the Mutual Fund are diversified across industry sectors and geographies.

2. MMTC FULL FORM (Miniratna Central Public Sector Enterprise)

M =Metals and

M = Minerals

T = Trading

C= Corporation of India Limited

3. MMTC FULL FORM (Business Firm – CATEGORY)

M = Make

M = Money

T = Training

C = Center


M = Mid

M = Michigan

T = Track

C = Club

5. MMTC FULL FORM (Business Firm – CATEGORY)

M = Mid

M = Missouri

T = Telephone

C = Company


M = Multi

M = Media

T = Training

C = Centre


M = Mira

M = Mesa

T = Town

C = Council

8. MMTC FULL FORM (Transportation – CATEGORY)

M = Midwest

M = Motorcycle

T = Training

C = Center


M = Minority

M = Media and

T = Telecommunications

C = Council

10. MMTC FULL FORM (University – CATEGORY)

M = Miller

M= Motte

T =Technical

C = College

11. MMTC FULL FORM (Measurement Unit – CATEGORY)

M = Million

M = Metric

T = Tons of

C = Carbon






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