MIA Full Form

MIA Full Form is Missing in Action.

M = Missing

I = In

A = Action

MIA is used to identify armed forces personnel who do not return from a combat mission but are not believed to have been killed or captured. MIA is an abbreviation for ‘missing in action’.

MIA = Mobile Internet Access

‘Mobile Internet’ refers to internet connectivity through a provider of cellular telecommunications services. It is wireless connectivity that can be moved to another radio tower as it passes through the service area. It can refer to an immobile unit that remains attached to one tower, but here this is not the “mobile” definition. For users not on the run, Wi-Fi and other better methods are widely available. It is more costly to provide cellular base stations than a wireless base station which connects directly to an internet service provider rather than through the telephone system.

There is no mobile Internet for a mobile phone, such as a smartphone, that connects to data or voice services without passing through the cellular base station. Mobile Internet is available for a laptop with a broadband modem and a cellular service provider subscription, which travels on a bus through the area.

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