MEC Full Form in intermediate

Mathematics, Economics and Commerce is the mec full form in intermediate. MEC usually stands for Mathematics, Economics and Commerce. You could also use MEL (Mathematics, English Language and Literature). Most UK subjects are oversubscribed these days so it can be hard to get onto a course if you haven’t narrowed your interests down yet. If the options offered by the school or college don’t suit then look at other providers in that area that may offer different courses: this might be an independent sixth-form college with specialist teaching across a range of academic subjects; an institute of tertiary education with vocational qualifications; or a University. Ultimately though many schools offer three way courses so there’s more chance of getting on a course of interest.

  1. Mathematics is the branch of knowledge that deals with number, quantity, and shape.
  2. Economics is the study of how society manages its scarce resources.
  3. Commerce refers to trade or exchange in goods and services for money or other valuable considerations.
  4. Mec stands for mathematics, economics and commerce which are three interconnected branches of knowledge that deal with different aspects of human life on earth.
  5. The mec full form in intermediate means that these subjects are studied together at intermediate level education system.

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