IUPAC full form

The iupac full form is the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry. The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) is an international organization that represents chemistry and allied disciplines and technology. It was founded in 1919. There are 44 National Adhering Organizations and 21 Associate National Adhering Organizations now affiliated with IUPAC.

IUPAC encourages continued collaboration among chemists in its Member Countries; researches topics of international importance to chemistry that require standardization or codification; collaborates with other international organizations on chemical issues, and contributes to the advancement and understanding of pure and applied chemistry in all aspects. These goals are principally pursued by IUPAC with the help of over 1000 volunteer chemists. The Affiliate Member Program, which provides a virtual channel of global contact, has about 5000 chemists enrolled.

IUPAC tackles issues in society for which chemical research is vital through CHEMRAWN Conferences (Chemical Research Applied to World Needs) and related actions. A high-level International Chemistry Council, co-chaired by IUPAC and UNESCO, provides broad guidance for developing-country-focused programs. In Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, IUPAC has a professionally staffed Secretariat led by an Executive Director.

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