ioc full form

The ioc full form is immediate or cancel order. An IOC is a buy or sell order that attempts to execute all or part of the order instantly and then cancels any empty portions. An IOC order is one of various “duration” or “time in force” orders that investors can use to determine how long an order will be active in the market and under what circumstances it will be canceled.

Other sorts of duration orders are frequently used.

  1.  fill or kill (FOK)
  2. all or none (AON
  3. good ‘till canceled (GTC)

IOC Order

Depending on their individual execution needs, investors can submit a “limit” or “market” instant or cancel order (IOC). At a particular price, an IOC limit order is placed. An IOC market order, on the other hand, has no price and transacts with the best offer price for a purchase and the best bid price for a sell.

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