IMF full form

The imf full form is International Monetary Fund. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) was conceived in New Hampshire, United States, in July 1944 during the United Nations Bretton Woods Conference. The 44 countries in attendance aimed to create a framework for international economic cooperation in order to avert the competitive currency devaluations that contributed to the Great Depression of the 1930s. The IMF’s main goal is to maintain the international monetary system’s stability, which includes the exchange rate and international payment systems that allow countries and their inhabitants to transact with one another.

I = International

M = Monetary

F = Fund

The IMF uses a formal system known as surveillance to monitor member country policies as well as national, regional, and global economic and financial events in order to maintain stability and prevent crises in the international monetary system. The IMF offers member countries advice and promotes policies that enhance economic stability, minimize vulnerability to economic and financial crises, and improve living standards.

In addition to a series of regional economic outlooks, it publishes periodic assessments of global prospects in its World Economic Outlook, financial markets in its Global Financial Stability Report, public finance developments in its Fiscal Monitor, and external positions of the largest economies in its External Sector Report.

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