HMU full form

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Category = social media


H = hit

M = me

U = up

Hit me up” – It’s a social invitation request, used to say text me, contact me, call me.


Hook me up” that’s typically a message for one to be linked to or something you should be interested in.

H = hook

M = me

U = up


H = hold

M = my

U = unicorn

Hold my unicorn” that’s typically an internet meme that came up as a joke about hmu different possibilities.

Category = Space Science

Full Form of HMU in space science category Hardware Mockup.

  1. what does hru mean?

H = How

R = Are

U = You

2. what does hmu mean on instagram?

H = hit

M = me

U = up

It is an open invite to keep in touch, meaning “message me” or “contact me” or simply “let us just speak once more.”

3. Is HMU flirty?

Using HMU isn’t always flirtable, but it can be context-dependent. If a girl you are interested in asks you to hit her up, it means literally that when you are available she needs you to contact her.

4. Why do girls say HMU?

If a girl says HMU “hit her up“, it means literally that when you are readily accessible she needs you to approach her.

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