HCL full form

The hcl full form is Hindustan Computers Limited. Hindustan Computers Limited (HCL) is a private company based in India. It is an international information technology (IT) provider and consultancy firm based in Noida, India. It was one of India’s first IT start-ups, having been formed in 1976. With many innovations, including the launch of the 8-bit microprocessor-based computer in 1978, it is considered a leader in electronic computing.

Today, HCL Enterprise provides services in a variety of industries, including infrastructure, talent acquisition, and healthcare. It is now made up of three firms.

  1. HCL Healthcare
  2. HCL Technologies 
  3. HCL Infosystems

H = Hindustan

C = Computers

L = Limited

hcl full form in medical – hydrochloric acid.

hcl founder – Shiv Nadar.

hcl technologies subsidiariesCLICK HERE

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