Full Form

The abbreviations or full forms we see every day are a fraction of the words they once were and still represent. They can be seen in any field, from science to education. Abbreviations may also refer to specific groups of letters or individual parts that make up an entire word or sentence

An abbreviation is a shortened form for something such as words used often like ‘etc’, which stands for et cetera; meaning “and so forth” – it’s shorthand representation would be e followed by three dots (e…).

.If you’re someone who’s always wanted to know about the difference between full forms and abbreviations, but never had a chance before now, well congratulations. You’ll be an expert in no time! Full form means that there are letters for each word of what is being said or written; it doesn’t refer to any acronyms like “lol” which stand for Laugh Out Loud. Abbreviations can range from simple things such as just omitting one letter at the end of words (“I’m”) all the way up through whole sentences (i.e., “u r”).