full form of rtc

The full form of rtc is Real Time Clock. A Real-Time-Clock (RTC) is a computer clock that maintains track of the current time. It is usually in the form of an Integrated Circuit (IC). The RTC, as its name implies, keeps time in real mode. RTCs are found in computer motherboards and embedded systems that need to know the time. To keep the time, RTCs are normally powered by a specific internal battery. As a result, even if the system is shut off, the RTC clock continues to run.

R = Real

T = Time

C = Clock

Regional Trial Court

The Regional Trial Court (RTC) is the Philippines’ highest trial court.

Residential Treatment Center

The Residential Treatment Center (RTC) is a live-in health care institution for teenagers suffering from mental illness, behavioral problems, and/or substance abuse.

Religious Technology Center

Religious Technology Center (RTC) is a religious technology center established in the United States.

Regional Technical Colleges

Regional Technical College (RTC), originally known as Institute of Technology (IT), is a type of higher education college in Ireland.

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