Full form of ps

The full form of ps postscript. The phrase postscript comes from the Latin post scriptum, which meaning “after writing.” After the signature line, a postscript can be a line or a paragraph. There are a variety of reasons to include a postscript, including expressing an afterthought or providing extra information. As a result, it’s an easy approach to reinforce your point while also improving your submission.

P = Post

S = Script

A postscript can be a paragraph, a sentence, or even several paragraphs that are inserted after a letter has been signed or after the main body of a book or essay has been completed.

The word “postscript” comes from the Latin “post scriptum,” which means “written after.”

When the writer forgets to include something in the main body of the letter, he or she can use postscript to add it. It can also be used to link a statement to a paragraph of content. For an author who wants to expand on anything in a letter without disrupting the flow of the narrative.

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