Full form of love

The full form of love is long lasting original valuable emotion. Love does not have a full form because it is not an acronym.

As humans, we experience one of the most profound emotions: love. It encompasses a wide spectrum of emotions, states, and attitudes, ranging from interpersonal tenderness to enjoyment. Love can be defined as an overwhelming sense of affection for another person that has no boundaries or constraints. The ancient Greeks used seven words to describe the many stages of love:

People build their own entire forms of love since love has no full shape. The following are a few of them:

  • L: Long Lasting
  • O: Original
  • V: Valuable
  • E: Emotion


L: Life’s

O: Only

V: Valuable

E: Emotion


L: Land of Sorrow

O: Ocean of Tears

V: Valley of Death

E: End of Life


  • L: Lack
  • O: Of
  • V: Valuable
  • E: Education


L: Loss

O: Of

V: Valuable

E: Energy


  • L: Life
  • O: Of
  • V: Very
  • E: Emotional Person

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