Full Form Of Google

Full Form Of Google

Full Form Of Google

G = Global

O =Organization of

O = Oriented

G =Group

L = Language of

E = Earth

A few interesting facts about Google.

As you know Google is one of the largest companies in the world. Today, the world’s largest search engine Google’s name means very few people know, but today the Internet means Google. Google earns about 1 lakh 30 thousand 900 rupees in a second.

You must have heard the name of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, but do you know the name of the founder of Google, his name is Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Google has more than 70 offices in 40 countries and this is a huge achievement in itself.

Google has bought 127 companies in the last 12 years. Now you can guess how big a company Google is. Currently more than 47 thousand employees work in Google, but till now many employees of Google have become billionaires. By the way, no one can tell Google’s earnings. But Google’s annual revenue is around $ 50 billion.

You must know that the Android operating system is due to Google. But do you know that four out of every five smartphones run on the Android operating system? Google has about 200 goats to eat grass in its head office. Actually, Google does not use a mower in its office lawn because the smoke and noise emanating from it causes problems to the employees working there. Every week more than 20 thousand people apply for jobs in Google.

More than 95 percent of Google’s revenue comes from the advertisements it publishes. Friends believe me that in a blink of an eye Google will have earned 50 thousand rupees. You often wonder where the word Google came from. Let us tell you that in reality the number formed after putting 100 gyros behind one is called googol. And Google is made from the same word. Now you must be wondering why Google was not named googol. Actually, the name that Google has named is a spelling mistake. Googol was typed in Google while deciding the meaning and the result is in front of you.

Google bought YouTub in 2006 for one point six five (1.65) billion US dollars. At that time many people had considered this deal as a big mistake of Google. Today Youtube is seen around 6 billion hours every month all over the world. Do you know that more than 60 thousand searches are done on Google every second. Since 2010, Google has purchased at least one company per week.

Google has taken photographs equivalent to 80 lakh 46 thousand kilometers of road for its street view map. Google’s entire search engine is one hundred million gigabytes, we will need more than one lakh rights of one terabyte to save that much data. Google has named its Android operating system according to ABCD’s Alphabet. The names are as follows: 

Cupcake                                                     April 2009

Donut                                                         September 2009

Eclair                                                          October 2009, January 2010

Froyo                                                          May 2010

Gingerbread                                               December 2010

Honeycomb                                                February 2011, May2011, July 2011

Ice Cream Sandwich                                  October 2011

Jelly Bean                                                   June 2012

Kitkat                                                           March 2013

Lollipop                                                        June 2014

Marshmallow                                               October 2015

Nougat                                                         March 2016

Oreo                                                              August 2017

Pie                                                                 August 2018

Google was bought by Yahoo Company for a million dollars but it could not be done.

In 2005 Google launched new applications like Google Map and Google Earth. It has features that measure the whole world in a moment. At the same time, it has also reached the moon and mars. 88 languages ​​are used on Google’s homepage. Google search engine’s nickname is backrub. Before the arrival of Google, yahoo and MNS were used, but shortly after its launch, Google became so popular that it left everyone behind.

By clicking on ‘i’m feeling lucky you can see all the logos of Google till now. Google uses 20 petabyte information every day for its processing. For this it needs one million computers. Google shows more than 200 things to show people the best results and gives out the best result in a small fraction of seconds.

  • There’s plenty of debate about whether Google has a full form or is just a term generated by Google’s founder.
  • Google hasn’t officially got a full form. It is created by the word “googol” meaning a huge number.
  • Google Inc is a multinational company based in the US.
  • It is currently the most popular search engine, specializing in services and products related to the Internet.
  • Its main functional areas are online advertisement technology, cloud computing, applications and search engines.
  • Besides this, Google is the most commonly used search engine worldwide.

Brief Google History

This company’s mission is to rearrange the world’s information, and make it universally accessible and useful. Welcome to see785.com. So today, we take a look at Google’s past. PhD students Larry Page and Sergey Brin began Google as an enquiry project in January 1996, while attending California’s Stanford University.

By developing a technology called PageRank, they were able to create a search engine that could estimate a website’s importance and support its incoming links. Initially nicknamed Backrub, the Google.com name was registered on September 15th, 1997 and the company incorporated on September 4th subsequent year. Its initial public offering came on August 19th, 2004, though the founders and then-CEO Eric Schmidt remained on top of things . 

As a result of the IPO, many of the company’s employees became paper millionaires, that led some to wonder if Google would live by its slogan’ Don’t be bad.’ Like other Silicon Valley start-ups, Google was first founded out of a garage; its headquarters today is in Mountain View, California. Known as the Googleplex, the offices perpetuate a casual and casual atmosphere. Employees are allowed to spend 20% of their time at home, and this has led to the creation of services like Google News and AdSense. Google’s hottest service is its online program , Google Search. 

Users employ this tool to look for information by typing keywords into the search bar. The incoming results come from the billions of web-pages the company indexes, and the order of the results is partly supported by Page Rank. Google has broadened its search results and paid listings through AdSense to other websites. 

AdSense and AdWords

AdSense and AdWords are the backbone of a multi-billion dollar advertising system for Google. Google also provides a free service called Google Analytics to marketers, which produces website visitor statistics. Thanks to its innovations, the company is now one of the foremost important brokers in the online advertising market. Google Search has branched bent offer other kinds of services in many different languages also . These include Google Image Search, Google Video Search, Google Maps and Google Translate. Google has also released several Internet productivity tools. The most well-known of these is Gmail


Gmail was the first free web mail service to maintain emails from the same exchange collectively during a standard thread. Gmail was also the first email service to provide users one gigabyte of free storage. Today Gmail offers practically limitless storage for a little fee. Another web productivity tool is Google Docs. This service consists of software that allows users to form documents, Presentations and spreadsheets, and store them in the cloud. These are often composed and edited via an online browser and can even be accessed by quite one user. 

This software is taken under consideration by some as an attack on one of Microsoft’s core businesses. Google has also worked on other projects. Notable ones include the open source browser Google Chrome, the mobile OS Android and thus the social networking service Google+. To bolster their mobile efforts, Google also acquired Motorola Mobility 2011. In addition, Google has acquired other businesses as launching pads for brand fresh services.

For example

Keyhole Inc. was developed into Google Earth for its 3-D view of our planet, and GrandCentral was developed into Google Voice. Two of the company’s biggest successes through acquisitions have been AdWords through the applied Semantics deal and the popular video-sharing website YouTube. Google also features a charitable arm called Google.org.

Full Form Of HTTP

This not-for-profit organization’s main initiatives revolve around developing renewable energy, improving access to health care, and rising poverty around the world. Google hasn’t been without its critics for all the years of its existence. Privacy has been one recurring problem. These issues range from automated email scanning of the Gmail system to developing targeted ads, to Google Street View data and image collection.

The Google program has been criticized for its censorship of search results, and even the company headquarters has been accused of unnecessary energy use. While the company is now facing threats from Apple and Facebook, Google is for certain to remain a dominant force within the worldwide internet industry. 


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