Full form of cc

The full form of cc is Carbon Copy. The abbreviation CC stands for carbon copy. This phrase originated from the process of carbon copying, which involves sandwiching a carbon paper between two pages and writing on the top sheet. When you press the tip of your pen against the top page to write something, it leaves a duplicate mark on the second sheet. Place extra carbon papers and paper sheets between the top and bottom papers to make more carbon copies.

cubic capacity

The cubic capacity (cc) or cylinder capacity (CC) of an engine is measured in cubic centimeters. It is the cylinder volume between the piston’s Top Dead Center (TDC) and Bottom Dead Center (BDC) (BDC). The cubic capacity of a container is measured in cubic centimeters or cubic inches.

Cubic Centimeter

In the automobile industry, CC, or cubic centimetres, is used to describe the capacity or volume of an engine.

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