FPI Full Form

fpi full forms

  1. International Portfolio Investment (FPI) involves investing in an international country’s financial assets, such as stocks or bonds that are available at an exchange.
  2. A foreign portfolio investment (FPI) is a grouping of resources such as securities, bonds, and current assets.
  3. Investments in the portfolio are owned directly by an individual or managed by finance professionals.
  4. In economic terms, investment in international portfolios is the entrance of funds into a nation, Where outsiders invest money into a country ‘s bank or buy on the country’s equity and bond markets, often for trading purposes.
  5. In FPI the investor has no direct influence over the shares or enterprises.
  6. FPI seems to be more stable than FDI (Foreign Direct Investment), and less risky.
  7. Investments in foreign portfolios often tend to have a shorter return duration than FDI.

FPI FULL FORM – Foreign Portfolio Investment.

F = Foreign

P = Portfolio

I = Investment


Many of the advantages of using international portfolio investments come to investors including:

  1. Diversified investments – The FPI offers a relatively easy way for investors to diversify their investments globally.
  2. Reaching to a larger market – Many markets outside of one’s home country may be larger and less competitive. Examples include, the economy is much more competitive in the United States of America (USA) than in other, less developed countries. Through making use of these Foreign portfolio investments, shareholders will benefit from the less competitive markets globally.
  3. Exchange rates profits – When a creditor has an FPI with a stronger currency in a foreign country than his own country, the creditor will benefit from a difference in the exchange rates between the two countries
  4. International Credit – FPI provides investors with a broader credit base as they can obtain credit within overseas nations in which they have significant amounts of investment.

FPI Full form in hindi

विदेशी पोर्टफोलियो निवेश (एफपीआइ)

एफ – विदेशी

पी – पोर्टफोलियो

आइ – निवेश

FPI Full form in LIC

F = Federal

P = Pacific 

I = Insurance

FPI Full form in Computer 

F = Frames

P = Per

I = Inch



FPIFPI refers to an investment where there is no role for foreign investors in active management and day-to-day business.It helps the recipient country to get investment.Ex-  
1. Investment in global company units.
2. Investment by buying out foreign government issued bonds.
3. Procurement of properties in a foreign country.
FIIFII referred to the community of investors who contribute to bringing the FPI into a country.FII plays an significant role in generating non-debt generating foreign capital inflows as well as expanding India’s capital market, reducing Indian company capital costs and strengthening corporate governance mechanisms indirectly.Ex-  
Pension Funds,
Investment Trust, Mutual Funds,
Endowment Funds, Insurance or reinsurance companies,
fpi vs fii

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