FCI Full Form

Food Corporation of India is the fci full form. Food Corporation of India is a government agency that aims to improve the economics and availability of food in all parts of India. It was first established as Foodstuffs Corporations Limited on 15 August 1964 by an Act of Parliament, with its headquarter at New Delhi.
The Government has set up this organization called Food Corporation Of India for two reasons:

First reason being – To ensure proper storage facilities for grains throughout the country so that there won’t be any scarcity during Monsoons or other times when it can not cultivate crops due to bad weather conditions etc.;

Second reason being -To distribute necessary quantity sugar/wheat flour among poor people who are unable to purchase these items from market because they have no money.

In the Indian government, there is a department called Food Corporation of India. The main purpose of this organization is to handle public food storage and distribution in order to reduce poverty levels in rural areas by providing subsidized grains for poor people under various social welfare schemes such as National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA) or Public Distribution System(PDS).

In the Government of India, there exists an entity known as “Food Corporation Of India”. Their primary job function involves handling all matters related to managing food supply from production stages up until it reaches storehouses where it will be distributed at affordable prices among low income groups through programs like the NATIONAL RURAL EMPLOYMENT GUARANTEE ACT which provides employment opportunities during times.

  1. Food Corporation of India is a fully owned subsidiary of Indian Government.
  2. It was established in 1975 with the aim to provide food security for all Indians.
  3. The company has been working towards fulfilling its mission since then, and today it provides food to over 850 million people every day.
  4. FCI’s headquarters are located in New Delhi, and it operates through a network of warehouses spread across the country.
  5. In addition to providing food grains, the company also handles procurement, storage, transportation as well as distribution.
  6. Apart from these tasks, FCI also undertakes activities such as production of milk powder and edible oils at factories that it owns or runs jointly with private partners.

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