mppsc full form

Madhya Pradesh Public Service Commission is mppsc full form. Due to state reorganization. Due to state reorganization, eight Madhya Pradesh districts were transferred to Bombay on November 1, 1956, and the remaining fourteen districts of Madhya Pradesh, together with Bhopal, Madhya Bharat, and Vindhya Pradesh, were united into new Madhya Pradesh. M = Madhya P … Read more

snp full form

The snp full form is Strategic Network Planning. Companies define their major goods, client markets for these products, fundamental production processes, and raw and intermediate material suppliers during the strategic planning process. Almost every company has to restructure its supply chain from time to time to respond to changing market conditions, but the current wave … Read more

uceed full form

The uceed full form is Undergraduate Common Entrance Examination for Design. The UCEED is a computer-based entrance examination for admission to the Bachelor of Design (B. Des.) degree program administered by the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay under the direction of the UCEED Admissions Committee. U = Undergraduate C = Common E = Entrance … Read more

NIT Full Form

The nit full form is National Technology Institutes. The National Institutes of Technology (NITs) are India’s most prestigious autonomous public technical institutes, overseen by the Ministry of Education. The National Institutes of Technology, Science Education and Research Act, 2007, established them as institutions of national importance and outlined their powers, responsibilities, and governance framework. There … Read more

CTO full form

The cto full form is chief technology officer. A chief technical officer (CTO), also known as a chief technologist or chief technology officer, is a senior executive of a corporation or other organisation that is responsible for science and technological problems. Chief Technology Officers are employed by businesses that trade with computer and technical devices … Read more

rms full form

The rms full form is Root Mean Square. The root mean square is known as the square root of the mean square in mathematics and its applications. The quadratic mean, also known as the RMS, is a special case of the generalized mean with exponent 2. RMS can also be expressed as an integral of … Read more

cfm full form

The cfm full form is Cubic Feet per Minute. The amount of air moved in cubic feet per minute is measured in CFM. CFM refers to the amount of air that can be moved every minute by an air compressor. C = Cubic F = Feet M = Per Minute cfm full form in medicine … Read more

vrs full form

The vrs full form is voluntary retirement scheme. An employee is given the option to voluntarily retire from work prior to his or her scheduled retirement date. Companies will use the scheme to minimize executive strength. Both the public and private sectors should enforce it. ‘Golden Handshake’ is another name for VRS. V = Voluntary … Read more

sdr full form

The sdr full form Special Drawing Rights (SDR). In the year 1969, Special Drawing Rights (SDR) were created. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) created a monetary reserve currency that is used all over the world. It acts as a replacement for the IMF’s current money reserves. It was created in response to questions about gold … Read more

Nasdaq Full Form

The nasdaq full form is National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations. The Nasdaq Stock Market, considered one of the most innovative companies in America. The NASDAQ stock market was established during a time when technology stocks were breaking records left and right! This exchange only deals with Ideas that have been formulated by private … Read more