CV full form

The cv full form is Curriculum vitae.

C = Curriculum

V = Vitae

It’s a written summary of a person’s academic credentials and other experiences. This is a candidate’s complete profile, which includes his or her full name, address, phone number, email address, educational qualification, soft skills, interests, achievements, languages spoken, professional goals, computer abilities, marital status, and so on. A CV should not have more than two or three pages.

Few things to remember while writing CV

  1. A CV does not need to include a photograph, pay history, references, or the reason for leaving a former employment.
  2. Such information can be provided to the employer independently on requested.
  3. In some Commonwealth countries, the CV is limited to two pages (The UK and Ireland).
  4. It contains information on job seekers’ work histories, educational records, and some personal information.

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