CSO full form

CSO Full Form – Under the Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation, the Central Statistics Office (CSO) is a government agency in India responsible for organising statistical activities in India and for establishing and maintaining statistical standards. It has a Graphical Unit that is well-equipped. Delhi is the location of the CSO. In Calcutta, some portion of the Industrial Statistics work pertaining to the Annual Industry Survey is carried out. It deals with various departments’ statistical results.

The collection of National Accounts Statistics (NAS) is the responsibility of the Central Statistics Office ( CSO) in the Ministry of Statistics and Program Implementation (MoS & PI). It is the responsibility of the State Directorates of Economy and Statistics (DESs) at the state level to compile their State Domestic Product and other aggregates. It plays an advisory role in statistical matters And provides national statistics to the UN In cooperation with the Planning Commission, it has set up a unit to attend statistical work on five-year plans and has expanded training facilities for statistical workers. It is also responsible for compiling national income statistics and for publishing them. The CSO conducts the Annual Survey of Industries and publishes the outcome through its Industrial Statistical wing.

FormedMay 2, 1951
Preceding agenciesCentral Statistical OrganizationCentral Statistical Institute
JurisdictionGovernment of India
HeadquartersNew delhi, India
Minister responsibleMinister of Statistics and Programme Implementation
Parent departmentMinistry of Statistics and Programme Implementation

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