com full form

COMMERCIAL is the com full form. The Internet’s Domain Name System is the main way that people and companies can find their website, by typing in a domain name like “” The Full form of COM is COMMERCIAL- it’s an example of one such top level generic domains on this system used for search engine optimization (SEO).

The acronym SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which allows you to rank highly on Google or another popular internet searcher like Bing; providing visitors with valuable information about your product/service offerings while also gaining new customers.

The “Pirate Bay” is an example of a website that uses the .org domain, which is meant for organizations. This allows them to market themselves as a non-profit or charity organization. As you can see in this chart, there are different Top-Level Domains (TLDs/ccTLDs) used by different countries all over the world.

The .com domain is for companies to market themselves, while .gov is used by government agencies and organizations, .edu is for educational purposes, etc. There are hundreds of different TLDs to choose from when registering an online website address/domain name.

For example, other popular domains can be: .net for network-related services, or .biz for business.

One thing to note is that the domain name and the web address should be different; an example of this would be “” vs “”. The dot (.) separates the top level domain from the rest of the URL/website which makes it easier to remember as well as less likely to cause confusion as there is a clear distinction between them both.

A TLD can relate directly to your niche market and help you stand out from other companies in your industry who might use similar keywords within their website URLs/domain names such as: beauty/makeup, clothing etc. For example, if your company deals with beauty products then you can obtain a .beauty domain and would be able to market your services much better than if you had to advertise with a URL such as: instead of:

First, choose the business niche that best suits your company/services- in this case we will go with “Beauty” Then, type in “” using your preferred web browser such as Chrome or Firefox This next step is crucial- think carefully about what name might benefit your brand the most within this new extension TLD (top level domain) The TLDs .com, .net or .org are so well known, so you will need to choose a new TLD that no-one else is currently using It’s important to do your research and see what may be available for this particular niche.

For example, let’s say we have a “Beauty” company that provides services such as makeup tutorials and product reviews on their website. If they were to go with a .com domain name then a good choice would be: which should easily rank high on Google due to the common keywords within the website URL/domain name (beauty tutorial). Alternatively if the same business was willing to expand into other countries then it might make sense to take out different country specific Top Levelains (ccTLDs). An example of a ccTLD is: “” which would be more relevant to the US audience.

However, if our hypothetical “Beauty” company chose a country specific TLD such as: .de then the website address/URL would look like this: “”- again using their keyword within the domain name (German for beauty service) so it can rank on Google and encourage visitors from Germany or German speaking people around the world They might also choose an international TLD such as: something more generic such as .com but with a geo targeting site extension meaning that all traffic will be localised purely for Germany, this could look something like: which would be suitable for our Beauty company, as they will get more traffic from Germany or German speaking people around the world

It’s also important to note that there are different TLDs for different countries such as: (UK), .fr (France), .ru (Russia) and so on and so forth- this is why it’s important to do your research and choose a .name domain name extension for your business, due to its clear and concise structure, unlike other TLD extensions such as: .io or country specific ones such as: .nz/au/ca etc.

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