CI full form

The ci full form is Circle inspector. In the traffic department, a traffic district is divided into circles, each of which is then divided into a zone. The Circle is led by an Inspector, who is known as the Circle Inspector, whereas the Zone was previously led by a SI or ASI, and the officer is known as the Zonal Officer.

CI full formsCategory
Confidence Interval Academic & Science 
Common Interface Hardware 
Corporate Identity Business 
Conservation InternationalCommunity 
Competitive IntelligenceBusiness 
Continuous ImprovementBusiness
Criminal IntentLaw & Legal
Checking InMilitary
Criminal InvestigationLaw & Legal
Cerebral InfarctionPhysiology
Cochlear ImplantPhysiology
Case InsensitiveGeneral Computing
Cultural IdentityCommunity
Composite IndexAcademic & Science » Chemistry
Curriculum And InstructionEducational
Corrosion InhibitorTransportation
Critical InfrastructureGovernmental 
Color IndexGeneral Computing
Chief InspectorOccupation & Positions 
Communications and InformationAcademic & Science 
Cubic InchUnit Measures
Configuration ItemMilitary

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