CDA Full Form

The cda full form Controller Of Defence Accounts. The Controller General of Defence Accounts leads the Defence Accounts Department (DAD), which is under the administrative jurisdiction of the Ministry of Defence.

C = Controller Of

D = Defence

A = Accounts

The Department’s mandate includes auditing, financial advice, payment, and accounting of all charges relating to the Armed Forces, including bills for supply and services rendered, construction and repair works, pay and allowances, pensions, and other benefits of Defence Personnel and Civilians, as well as auditing the cash and store accounts of all organizations under the Ministry of Defence, namely the Army, Navy, and Air Force.

In addition to the above-mentioned duties, organized financial advisors were appointed along with the Chief of Staff, Corps Commander, and other echelons of Service 3 and other organizations, etc.

The Integrated Financial Advisers have been assigned to the General Officers Commanding-in-Chief of Commands, Corps Commanders, and many other echelons of the 3 Services and other organizations, among other things.

The DAD has a vast geographical reach, with 1110 offices spanning the length and breadth of the country to serve the needs of all elements of the Indian Defence Services, including the Army, Air Force, and Navy, as well as all other Ministry of Defence organizations such as Defense Ordnance Factories (41), DRDO Laboratories/Projects (50), Coast Guard, DGQA, DGBR, DGNCC, and DG Defence Establisment.

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